• FREE 5 Day Mercur-EASE Detox Challenge

    Transform your energy and go from feeling burned out to inspired in 5 days or less during the Mercury RX season!

    July 16 thru July 20th 2018

  • What'​s In it for You?

    Life doesn't have to be so draining. (Yep, really.)

    Calling all spiritual workers, Goddess-preneurs, soul-preneurs, and mompreneurs. Your work, your focus, and your drive can all flow from a deep place of spirit, and limitless power. On July 16th, I'll show you how to access your personal peak energy alignment within and truly learn how to take care of your soul- for free.


    In 5 days you will learn 5 Simple Steps to add more Soul Care routines in your life to prepare for the Mercury RX cycle.

    Using the ALIGN formula + Daily prompts will activate your energy, confidence, and self-esteem.

    The key here is mastering your soul care and communication skills during the RX season because this is the time to do #SHADOWWORK. This is the time where communication gets a little wonky in all areas of your life.


    • Often people talk about the importance of self-care, which is just that: selfish. Let me share the new paradigm of women's leadership called SOUL CARE.
    • What if we approach life with a SOUL CARE routine utilizing the overall mind, body, and spiritual approach to nurturing your Goddess Temple?
    • My Passion is deep and it is truly helping others go from victim to survivor to eventually THRIVE!! I feel my passion in everything I do because if I am not passionate about something not only is it not a good fit energetically but it is not aligned to my soul. I wake up nearly every day invigorated and feeling unstoppable and I want others to feel this way too.

    Let's Go..........

    Join the Challenge and meet other like minded Goddesses to support your journey.



  • Reclaim your power, shift your mindset and learn how to activate YOUR soul care for peak energy performance. Nobody has time to deal with miscommunication during the RX season.


  • 5 Day ​Breakdown

    ALIGN Your Soul Care Routine= Awareness + Learn + Implement + Game Plan + Now

    Day 1: Awareness

    The first step is the willingness to make a change.​ And Awareness that change needs to be made.

    Today we learn how to set the right intentions to set ourselves up for success.

    Day 2: Learn

    ​I will teach you the tools needed to shift your energy vibration at will. Soul Care is all about energy.

    Shift your old thinking to Inspired Action.

    Day 3: Implementation

    Day 3: Amplify your Soul Care Practice

    Learn to use your self mastery to shift your mindset.

    Day 4: Game Plan

    Day 4 Set your soul on fire.

    Implementing the 3 tools from the days before and getting into Action and applying these principles daily. Most of the times we fail to make momentum because we do not have a plan.

    Day 5: Now

    Create a Soul Care package to start applying these principles daily

    The Secret Sauce, my top tricks to maintain a rock solid mindset for peak energy alignment, a surge in confidence and overall happiness.

  • Your Teacher & Guide

    This is how I feel, When I am energetically Aligned!


    I am Maureen your Master Energy Healer, Goddess Mentor & Spiritual Strategist for the 5-day challenge.